My  name is Willem Thomson and I love to take pictures. I grew up  in a small town in Northern Germany. There  I was part of a very creative skate- and music-scene that took me to film making and photoraphy by the age of fifteen. I shot skate-videos and did the photography for DIY skate-magazines.

In the mid 90ies I moved to Berlin. I got in touch with the music label Kitty-Yo and started a small video production company.

We were doing a monthly online show in collaboration with “Freshmilk” and some artists from the “Puppet Mastaz”. A music  hip-hop projekt with puppets.

I knew, if I wanted to take my work to the next level, I had to fill my brain with knowledge and skills. Digital media production was still in its’ early stages and I wanted to be a part of it. That desire was followed by six years of further education.


I studied Media Design and Audio-Visual Media at the University of Applied Science in Berlin with focus on film production and moving images. 2008 I graduated with a diploma for camera operations.

After performing in this kind of technical and big-team section, I realised two things :

I wanted work processes to be more spontaneous and direct. Also my heart was ddefinitely  still with photography.

I frequently worked as a photo assistant in big productions, to be able to finance my studies. There I learned all I needed to know.

In combination with  the film lighting knowledge I gained, I felt I was ready to go.

Since 2008 I work as a freelance photographer for clients such as:

Zitty-Magazin, Die ZEIT, Goethe-Institut, HRS, MTV, VATTENFALLL, Shurkamp-Verlag, Löwenbräu,

Raumfeld, Level 47, Bundes Umwelt Minesterium and others

Send me a mail or give me a call if there is anything I can do for you.

I love my work

I love life

Willem Thomson / (a) life in pictures